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Trude Storelvmo receives UiO`s award for Young researchers 2020

Professor of meteorology Trude Storelvmo, Department of Geosciences, received today UiO's award for Young researchers. For several years, her great interest has been in research on the atmosphere, aerosols and the climate.

Trude Storelvmo. Photo: Ola Gamst Sæther/Uniforum

Trude Storelvmo. Photo: Ola Gamst Sæther/Uniforum

Trude Storelvmo received today, 2 September, UiO's award for Young researchers 2020 at the University of Oslo's annual party in the Aula.

After many years abroad, among others at Yale University, Trude Storelvmo returned to the University of Oslo in the autumn of 2017. With that, she was back at the Department of Geosciences where she took her doctorate back in 2006.

First employed as associate professor, and with her dedicated research interest in the atmosphere and the impact of aerosols on the climate, she soon received both ERC grants, and a little later she was also part of a larger Swedish-coordinated project consortium ForCes in Horizon-2020.

In 2019, Storelvmo became a full Professor at the Department of Geosciences. Now, this year she was awarded the University of Oslo's prize for Younger researchers for 2020. Storelvmo is affiliated as Professor II at the Nord University Business School. Economic consequences of climate changes are also one of the areas in which she has research interests, and which is an important aspect of climate changes.

Storelvmo is the second to receive UiO's award for Young researchers, an award that was established in 2019. It is given to a researcher or group / environment that has excelled in outstanding research. The award winner must be 40 years or younger at the award point.

About the award winner (in Norwegian): Trude Storelvmo jaktar på klimaspor i skyene

About the University of Oslo's prices 

UiO's awards are a reward for special efforts, which will also stimulate increased efforts and be an inspiration for the academic environment at the University of Oslo.

The award winners will receive a diploma and 250,000 kroner, which will be awarded at UiO's annual party on 2 September.

Press release from UiO with the for the grounds for the awarding (in Norwegian).

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