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Five GEO-projects granted funding in the 2021 call from NFR

The Department of Geosciences receives funding for five new projects from the Research Council of Norway (NFR) in the 2021 call. A total of three research projects as well as two projects in the "Young Research Talents" category are funded.

Photo of the main entrance for Department of geosciences, University of Oslo.

The Geology building and department of geosciences, University of Oslo. Foto: GEO/gk

At UiO, a total of 66 research projects received funding from the 2021 call from Research Council of Norway (NFR). This was announced 24 of June. The call had application deadline February 10 this year.

The projects receive up to NOK 12 million each from NFR. Of the Principal Investigators for projects from the University of Oslo who received support, are five are from the subject field of geosciences. The support is provided through 'Forskerprosjekt for fornyelse', and within the theme group Science and Technology. Two projects in the "Young Research Talents" category are supported.

The projects range widely in the field of geosciences, see titles below.

Research projects

  • Global glacier modelling: Do non-linear feedbacks matter for century-scale projections?, Regine Hock, GeoHyd

  • DYPOLE: Dynamics of polar confined basins - The Eurasia Basin from breakup in greenhouse to present in icehouse conditions, Jan Inge Faleide, CEED/GoG

  • Is the Earth's core the hidden reservoir of noble gases?, Razvan Caracas, CEED

Young Research Talents*

  • POLARIS - evolution of the Arctic in deep time, Grace Shephard, CEED
  • Global snow depths from space-borne remote sensing for permafrost, high-elevation precipitation, and climate reanalyses, Désirée Treichler, GeoHyd

* In addition, two "Young Research Talents" grants went to the research centre Njord where Dept. of Geosciences take part. The two PI are Gaute Linga: Njord and Marcel Moura: Njord/Porelab.

All projects that have applied for funding have been carefully evaluated by expert panels. NFR received nearly 2,500 applications by the deadline, and a total of 260 projects passed through the needle eye. Only the best projects get funding.

The Department of Geosciences congratulates!


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Published July 1, 2021 9:36 AM - Last modified July 5, 2021 9:25 AM