GEOHYD Lunch Seminar: A Bayesian approach to Flood-Duration-Frequency Analysis

Welcome to our GEOHYD Lunch Seminar Friday 24th of September @ 12:15 in Aud. 2, Geology building or via videolink using Zoom. The seminar is helt by Danielle M. Barna, Dept. of Geosciences.

Seminar by Danielle M. Barna, Dept. of Geosciences.

A Bayesian approach to Flood-Duration-Frequency Analysis



As floods become increasingly prevalent in Norway under climate change there is a growing need for relevant design flood values. Such values give estimates of flood magnitude within a given return period and are essential to making adaptive decisions around land use planning, infrastructure design, and disaster mitigation. The accuracy of design flood values hinges on their ability to properly characterize the magnitude of a flood; while traditional flood frequency analysis methods consider peak and/or daily average flows when defining magnitude, we seek to implement a more comprehensive method that models flood magnitude as a combination of both peak flow and duration. Such modelling is termed flood-duration-frequency, or QDF, modelling. The QDF modelling approach proposed here establishes a parametric relationship between the quantiles of the distributions from flood events of different durations, allowing for the estimation of design flood values for floods of any duration. We establish an at-site QDF model for select gauging sites in Norway using a Bayesian modelling framework.

It is possible to attend physically or to participate digitally at the seminar

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About the seminar

This seminar is offered by the Section for Geography and Hydrology, Dept. of Geosciences, University of Oslo. The GEOHYD-seminars are announced as lunch seminars so bring your lunch if you want to. 

The seminars are open for everyone interested, and especially students are welcome. 

The Lunch Seminar Team​​​
– Louise and Sigrid

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