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Geology and Geophysics

Mountain landscape at Svalbard. Photo by Hans Jørgen Kjøll/UiO

The Section for Geology and Geophysics do research and teaching in the fields of geology and geophysics such as sedimentology, structural geology, (isotope-) geochemistry, paleoclimate, environmental geology and CO2 storage among other subject fields. The section embrace four main research groups and several subgroups within geology and geophysics.

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Visiting address: Geology building, Sem Sælands vei 1, Blindern, Oslo

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Alvar Braathen

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Basin Studies

The research group for basin studies does research on the formation, structure, transformation, and the dynamics and deformation of rocks and the crust and the upper reaches of Earth's mantle. In both research and teaching we do a lot of field work and laboratory-based studies.

CO2 storage

Storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the subsurface can be an important strategy for reducing emissions of climate gases to the atmosphere from large point sources. The aim of this group is to research on safe and efficient storage of CO2 in rock formations on the seabed and other geological environments. We cover several projects and contribute to FME-centres to gain knowledge for future CO2 storage.

Environmental geology

Environmental geology is closely associated with the inter-relationship of people and nature, and the consequences of natural and man-made environmental changes at local, regional and global scales. A key area is CO2 sequestration. We participates in the FME centre; NCCS – Industry driven innovation for fast track CCS deployment.

Solid Earth and Crustal Processes

Using chemical and isotopic signatures of rocks in combination with geochronological information and detailed field observation, this group aims to unravel the evolution of magmatic and metamorphic rocks in different tectonic environments. We also study the effects of large scale tectonics and magmatic and metamorphic processes on the environment.

Participation in FME Centres

The research group for CO2 Storage/GEO and several of our researchers participate in Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME) for research on CO2 storage in geological formations. 

We participate now in: NCCS – 2016-2024

Participated in: SUCCESS – 2009-18

CO2 Storage, GEO – UiO

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