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Geology and Geophysics

The Section for Geology and Geophysics do research and teach in the fields of geology and geophysics including petroleum geology, micropale- antology and environmental geology among several. The section embrace many research groups.


The research group in geology does research on the formation, structure, transformation, and the dynamics and deformation of rocks and the crust and the upper reaches of Earth's mantle. In both research and teaching we do a lot of field work and laboratory-based studies.


The micropaleontology group studies variation in the distribution and community structure amongst microfossils from different environmental conditions and from different periods.

Environmental geology

Environmental geology is closely associated with the inter-relationship of people and nature, and the consequences of natural and man-made environmental changes at local, regional and global scales. A key area is CO2 sequestration. We participates in the FME centre Industry driven innovation for fast track CCS deployment – NCCS.

Mineral dissolution and growth

The research is on mineral dissolution and growth where the group aim to identify mechanisms and factors that control the reaction rates. We use theoretical considerations and numerical simulations to predict mineral reactions and reaction rates, and compare this to observations obtained from laboratory experiments and from natural systems.

Petroleum geosciences

The group research on geological processes and geophysical analysis techniques with significance for petroleum exploration and production, often by developing new basic methodology in the relevant fields. A special focus is on the Norwegian continental shelf, but the group also has significant activity with analysis by other continental shelves, continental margins and mountain ranges.

Petroleum systems and basin development

The global energy requirement is increasing rapidly.  Future energy supplies will have to cover the material growth which is necessary to secure an internationally fair distribution and economic growth.