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Section for Physics of Geological Processes (GEO-PGP)

Section for Physics of Geological Processes (GEO-PGP) does research in the field of geophysics. The section, a former part of a COE, participate in a inter departemental and multidisciplinary research group, see presentation below.

Physics of geological processes

Physics of geological processes - PGP -  is a multidisciplinary research group working at the interface between physics and geology. The focus is on research to provide fundamental and quantitative understanding of the complex patterns and processes of the Earth. The research team includes professionals from the Department of Geosciences and from the Department of Physics, both University of Oslo.

Interface Dynamics in Geophysical Flows - EarthFlows

The dynamics of interface processes during flows on Earth, including the geosphere, the hydrosphere, the cryosphere, and the atmosphere, including the behavior of the complex interfaces separating ‘Fluid Earth’ from ‘Solid Earth’. The goal for the EarthFlows research group is to provide fundamentally new understanding of the dynamics of fluid-solid interfaces for a number of important geophysical systems.


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Physics of Geological processes (GEO-PGP)
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