MetOs seminar: The development of crop modelling methods to assess the combined  threat of ozone and climate extremes on crops

Upcoming seminar in meteorology and oceanography:

Speaker: Dr. Patrick Büker, Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI),  York University, UK

About this MetOs seminar:

This seminar is offered by the metheorology and oceanography section (MetOs) at the Department of Geosciences, University in Oslo.

The seminar is open for all interested in the topic of the seminar.

About the speaker

Patrick Büker is a plant ecologist who undertakes research in developed and developing countries on topics related to interactions between the atmosphere, soil and biosphere, with a focus on assessing interrelated effects of various air pollutants (e.g. O3, SO2, NOx, HF, heavy metals etc.) and changes of the Earth’s climate on forest and crop growth. He is part of a RCN funded CiXPAG project on impacts of ozone and climate extremes on crops in India and Nepal, led by CICERO.

Welcome to all!


Published Aug. 24, 2016 8:13 PM - Last modified Aug. 26, 2016 12:46 PM