Oslo joint seminar in atmospheric, ocean and climate science, Feb. 28

Title: North Atlantic jet stream variability from weather to climate time scales

Speaker: Camille Li, UiB


Camille Li, UiB


The North Atlantic jet stream shapes weather and climate over Europe.

While it is predominantly an eddy-driven jet, there are special periods when it is influenced by thermal driving due to convection in the tropical Pacific (e.g., winter 2009/2010, which saw a remarkably stable southward-shifted jet). Here, we bridge the weather (day-to-day variability) and climate (year-to-year variability) perspectives to show that such dynamical changes can occur across a range of time scales.

Implications for understanding model biases and regional climate signals are discussed.


What is the Joint Oslo Seminar (JOS):

Atmospheric and climate sciences have a stronghold in Oslo among the four institutions University of Oslo, the Meteorological Institute, CICERO and NILU. This joint seminar invites renowned international experts to contribute to an informal series of lectures, meant to create interaction with the Oslo atmospheric and climate science community on recent highlights and analysis in the field. All seminars will be held on Thursdays (Noon -1pm) and lunch (sandwiches) will be served on a “first-come-first-served”-basis.

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