Oslo joint seminar in atmospheric, ocean and climate science, Jun. 24

Title: Is the net cloud radiative effect constrained to be uniform over the tropical warm pools?

Speaker:   Casey J. Wall, Scripps 

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Speaker: Casey J. Wall, Scripps


It has long been observed that the top-of-atmosphere net radiation flux is almost the same in convective and adjacent non-convective regions of the tropics, despite the fact that convective clouds have large shortwave and longwave cloud radiative effects. Why this occurs is unknown, but if feedback processes exist to maintain this condition in a warmed climate, then it would have implications for climate sensitivity. In this talk I will investigate two theories for why the tropical radiation balance is spatially uniform. The first theory emphasizes the role of mutual interactions among cloud albedo, sea-surface temperature, and atmospheric circulation, and the second theory emphasizes the role of radiative heating in shaping the life cycle and net radiative effect of tropical anvil clouds. These theories are investigated using idealized climate-model simulations and satellite observations. The results indicate that the physical mechanisms emphasized by both theories contribute to creating a spatially uniform radiation balance in the tropics.

What is the Joint Oslo Seminar (JOS):

Atmospheric and climate sciences have a stronghold in Oslo among the four institutions University of Oslo, the Meteorological Institute, CICERO and NILU. This joint seminar invites renowned international experts to contribute to an informal series of lectures, meant to create interaction with the Oslo atmospheric and climate science community on recent highlights and analysis in the field. All seminars will be held on Thursdays (Noon -1pm).

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