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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Jessica Ann McBeck McBeck, Jessica Ann Researcher
Picture of Luca Menegon Menegon, Luca Professor +47 22856725
Picture of Jon Ove Methlie Hagen Methlie Hagen, Jon Ove Professor Emeritus Glaciology, Cryosphere, Ice caps, Climate change, NCoE-SVALI
Picture of Juan Camilo Meza Cala Meza Cala, Juan Camilo Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Stephen Paul Michalchuk Michalchuk, Stephen Paul Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ivar Midtkandal Midtkandal, Ivar Associate Professor +47 22854011 Geology, Sedimentology, Tectonics, Planetary geology
Picture of Máté Mile Mile, Máté Doctoral Research Fellow Meteorology, Numerical Modeling, Arctic
Picture of Alexander Minakov Minakov, Alexander Researcher +47 22854079
Picture of Chris Erik Mohn Mohn, Chris Erik Researcher +47 22855373
Picture of Md Nazmul Haque Mondol Mondol, Md Nazmul Haque Professor +47 22856693 +47 45234439 Reservoir geophysics, Reservoir geology, Rock physics, Petroleum geosciences, Geomechanics, Geophysics seismic interpretation, Sedimentology
Muzic, Iris Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Karsten Müller Müller, Karsten Associate Professor
Picture of Malte Müller Müller, Malte Associate Professor Meteorology, Oceanography, Arctic, Predictability
Picture of Reidar Müller Müller, Reidar Associate Professor Geology
Picture of Jenö Nagy Nagy, Jenö Professor Emeritus +47 22856648 Geology, Biostratigraphy, Foraminiferal taxonomy, Paleoecology, Sequence stratigraphy
Picture of Ugo Nanni Nanni, Ugo Researcher
Picture of Mufak Said Naoroz Naoroz, Mufak Said Senior Engineer +47 22856661
Picture of Sara Nettum Nettum, Sara Senior Executive Officer +47 22854061 The research school DEEP, DEEP
Picture of Maik Neukirch Neukirch, Maik Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Else Ragnhild Neumann Neumann, Else Ragnhild Professor Emerita
Picture of Irene Brox Nilsen Nilsen, Irene Brox Guest Researcher Hydrology, Hydrological modelling, Climate change
Picture of Mohammad Nooraiepour Nooraiepour, Mohammad Postdoctoral Fellow CO2 storage, Rock physics, Petroleum geology, Gas-fluid-rock interactions, Geochemistry
Picture of Kjell Nordseth Nordseth, Kjell Associate Professor Emeritus
Picture of Johan Petter Nystuen Nystuen, Johan Petter Professor Emeritus +47 22856665 Geology, Sedimentology, Petroleum geology, Reservior geology, Sequence stratigraphy, Paleoenvironment
Picture of Snorre Olaussen Olaussen, Snorre Guest Researcher