Persons tagged with «CO2 storage»

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Picture of Roy Helge  Gabrielsen Gabrielsen, Roy Helge Professor Emeritus Energy, Geology, Structural geology, Tectonics, Petroleum geology, Basin analysis, CO2 storage
Picture of Per Aagaard Aagaard, Per Professor Emeritus +47 41651182 Geology, Environmental geology, Geochemistry, CO2 storage, Hydrogeology
Picture of Elin Skurtveit Skurtveit, Elin Associate Professor II Geology, Structural geology, Geomechanics, CO2 storage
Picture of Johnathon Osmond Osmond, Johnathon Geology, Structural geology, Petroleum geology, CO2 storage
Picture of Rikke Bruhn Bruhn, Rikke Associate Professor CO2 storage, NCCS - FME
Picture of Anja Sundal Sundal, Anja Researcher Geology, Geochemistry, CO2 storage
Picture of Helge Hellevang Hellevang, Helge Professor +47 22857026 +47 90613526 Geology, Geochemistry, Gas-fluid-rock interactions, CO2 storage
Picture of Jan Inge Faleide Faleide, Jan Inge Professor +47 22856677 Petroleum geology, Marine geophysics, Seismic interpretation, Petroleum geophysics, Basin analysis, Structural geology, Tectonics, CO2 storage
Picture of Ingrid Anell Anell, Ingrid Associate Professor +4740609832 Geology, Sedimentology, seismic interpretation, CCS, CO2 storage
Picture of Alvar Braathen Braathen, Alvar Professor +47 22856664 Geology, Structural geology, Groundwater, Petroleum geology, CO2 storage
Picture of Mohammad Masoudi Masoudi, Mohammad Postdoctoral Fellow CO2 storage, Reservoir Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Reactive Transport, Crystal Growth, Hydrogen Storage, Environmental geology
Picture of Anita Torabi Torabi, Anita Professor +47 22856109 CO2 storage, Green energy, Geohazards and seismicity, Geomechanics, Structural geology, Geophysics seismic interpretation, Machine Learning
Picture of Emma Michie Haines Haines, Emma Michie Postdoctoral Fellow Geology, Structural geology, CO2 storage, Petroleum geology
Picture of Mohammad Nooraiepour Nooraiepour, Mohammad Postdoctoral Fellow CO2 storage, Rock physics, Petroleum geology, Gas-fluid-rock interactions, Geochemistry