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  • Bull, Abigail; McNamara, Allen; Becker, Thorsten W. & Ritsema, Jeroen (2010). Global scale models of the mantle fow field predicted by synthetic tomography models. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors.  ISSN 0031-9201.
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  • Bull, Abigail; Domeier, Mathew & Torsvik, Trond Helge (2014). The Effect of Plate Motion History on the Longevity of Deep Mantle Heterogeneities.
  • Shephard, Grace; Bull, Abigail & Gaina, Carmen (2014). Modelling plate kinematics, slabs and LLSVP dynamics – an example from the Arctic and northern Panthalassa.
  • Bull, Abigail Louise; Torsvik, Trond Helge; Domeier, Mathew & Doubrovine, Pavel (2013). The initiation, temporal evolution and dynamics of deep mantle heterogeneities.

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