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Academic interests

  • Modelling physical and biogeochemical processes in permafrost.
  • The permafrost carbon feedback
  • The arctic carbon cycle.

Courses taught


In 2015, I finished a master’s degree in chemistry at UiO. Then I worked for the City of Oslo for a year, dealing with municipal management of hazardous waste, before I returned to UiO as a PhD-student in October 2016.

Tags: Permafrost, carbon cycle, Climate change, climate change ecology


  • Claude, Olsen & Kristiansen, Håvard (2018, 18. desember). Vil ha permafrost inn i klimamodellene. [Fagblad].  Teknisk ukeblad.
  • Kristiansen, HÃ¥vard (2018). Hva skjer når permafrosten forsvinner?. Aftenposten Viten.
  • Kristiansen, Håvard (2018). Incorporating biogeochemistry in the permafrost model CryoGrid 3.
  • Kristiansen, Håvard (2018). Modelling permafrost carbon.
  • Kristiansen, HÃ¥vard (2017). Incorporating biogeochemistry in the permafrost model CryoGrid 3.

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