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Geology and Geophysics

Persons 1 - 25 of 75
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Tesfamariam Berhane Abay Abay, Tesfamariam Berhane Researcher +4790678728 +47-90678728
Picture of Sajjad Ahmadigoltapeh Ahmadigoltapeh, Sajjad Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854148
Alaei, Behzad Associate Professor
Picture of Elisabeth Alve Alve, Elisabeth Professor +47 22857333 Geology, Environmental geology, Micropalaeontology, Stratigraphy, Benthic foraminifera
Andersen, Tom H. Professor +47 22856647 Geology, Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Magmatic petrology
Picture of Arild Andresen Andresen, Arild Professor Emeritus +47-22856689 Geology, Structural geology, Tectonics
Picture of Ingrid Anell Anell, Ingrid Associate Professor +47 22854316
Picture of Irfan Baig Baig, Irfan Postdoctoral Fellow +47 22856695
Picture of Knut Bjørlykke Bjørlykke, Knut Professor emeritus +47-22856648 +47-92250286 Geology, Sedimentology, Diagenesis, Petroleum geology, Reservoir geology, Compaction
Picture of Gijsbert Dirk Breedveld Breedveld, Gijsbert Dirk Adjunct Professor +47 22856685 +47 93222345 Environmental geology, Contaminants in geosystems
Picture of Asbjørn Breivik Breivik, Asbjørn Associate Professor +47 22856676 Marine geophysics, Magmatic processes, Hot-spot ridge interaction
Picture of Alvar Braathen Braathen, Alvar Professor +47 22856664 Geology, Structural geology, Groundwater, Petroleum geology, CO2 storage
Chen, Hanbo Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Fernando Corfu Corfu, Fernando Professor Emeritus Geology, Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Geochronology, Isotop geology
Picture of Romain Corseri Corseri, Romain PhD Fellow (Industry) +47 974 87 906
Picture of Barrie Dale Dale, Barrie Professor Emeritus +47 22854214 Geology, Environmental geology, Micropalaeontology, Palynology, Stratigraphy
Dalslåen, Bjørgunn Heggem
Picture of Carlos Duque Calvache Duque Calvache, Carlos Associate Professor +47 22854158
Picture of Henning Dypvik Dypvik, Henning +47 22856659 Geology, Impact geology, Sedimentology
Picture of Anders Elverhøi Elverhøi, Anders +47 22856653 +47 92869481
Picture of Lars-Andre Erstad Erstad, Lars-Andre Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Sian Lianne Evans Evans, Sian Lianne Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Jan Inge Faleide Faleide, Jan Inge Professor +47 22856677 Petroleum geology, Marine geophysics, Seismic interpretation, Petroleum geophysics, Basin analysis, Structural geology, Tectonics, CO2 storage
Picture of Thea Sveva Faleide Faleide, Thea Sveva Doctoral Research Fellow
Fawad, Manzar Researcher