Andrea Popp

Postdoctoral Fellow - Section of Geology and Geophysics
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Mobile phone +47 22855936
Room 325
Visiting address Sem Sælands vei 1 Geologibygningen 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1047 Blindern 0316 OSLO

Academic interests

  • Groundwater in alpine and arctic environments
  • Surface water-groundwater interactions and their effect on water quality
  • Integrating tracer data with different modeling approaches


  • Since 01/2020: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo, Norway
  • 09/2015–12/2019: Scientific employee, Department of Water Resources and Drinking Water, Eawag, Switzerland
  • 09/2015–10/2019: PhD, Department of Environmental Systems Science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • 10/2009–08/2015: BSc and MSc Hydrology, University of Freiburg, Germany



  • Popp, A. L.; Manning, C. C.; Brennwald, M. S.; Kipfer, R. (2020) A new in situ method for tracing denitrification in riparian groundwater, Environmental Science and Technology, 54, 3, 1562-1572, doi:10.1021/acs.est.9b05393
  • Cahill, A.G., Ladd, B., Chao, J., Soares, J., Cary, T., Finke, N., Manning, C., Popp, A.L., Chopra, C., Mayer, K.U., Black, A., Lauer, R., van Geloven, C., Welch, L., Crowe, S., Mayber, B., Beckie, R.D. (2020) Controlled Natural Gas Release Experiment in a Confined Aquifer, Northeastern British Columbia (NTS 094A/04): Activity Report 2018–2019, Geoscience BC, ISSN 2562-2765
  • Popp, A.L. (2019) Tracing surface water-groundwater interactions with in-situ noble gas analysis, Doctoral Thesis, Zurich, ETH Zurich, doi: 10.3929/ethz-​b-000403384
  • Popp, A. L.; Scheidegger, A.; Moeck, C.; Brennwald, M. S.; Kipfer, R. (2019) Integrating Bayesian groundwater mixing modeling with on‐site helium analysis to identify unknown water sources, Water Resources Research, 55, 12, 10602-10615, doi:10.1029/2019WR025677
  • Lewandowski, J.; Arnon, S.; Banks, E.; Batelaan, O.; Betterle, A.; Broecker, T.; Coll, C.; Drummond, J. D.; Garcia, J. G.; Galloway, J.; Gomez-Velez, J.; Grabowski, R. C.; Herzog, S. P.; Hinkelmann, R.; Höhne, A.; Hollender, J.; Horn, M. A.; Jaeger, A.; Krause, S.; Löchner Prats, A.; Magliozzi, C.; Meinikmann, K.; Mojarrad, B. B.; Mueller, B. M.; Peralta-Maraver, I.; Popp, A. L.; Posselt, M.; Putschew, A.; Radke, M.; Raza, M.; Riml, J.; Robertson, A.; Rutere, C.; Schaper, J. L.; Schirmer, M.; Schulz, H.; Shanafield, M.; Singh, T.; Ward, A. S.; Wolke, P.; Wörman, A.; Wu, L. (2019) Is the hyporheic zone relevant beyond the scientific community?, Water, 11(11), 2230 (33 pp.), doi:10.3390/w11112230
  • Popp, A. L.; Lutz, S. R.; Khatami, S.; van Emmerik, T. H. M.; Knoben, W. J. M. (2019) A global survey on the perceptions and impacts of gender inequality in the earth and space sciences, Earth and Space Science, 6(8), 1460-1468, doi:10.1029/2019EA000706 (among the top 10% most downloaded papers)
  • van Emmerik, T.; Popp, A.; Solcerova, A.; Müller, H.; Hut, R. (2018) Reporting negative results to stimulate experimental hydrology: discussion of "The role of experimental work in hydrological sciences – insights from a community survey", Hydrological Sciences Journal, 63(8), 1269-1272, doi:10.1080/02626667.2018.1493203
  • Lutz, S. R.; Popp, A.; van Emmerik, T.; Gleeson, T.; Kalaugher, L.; Möbius, K.; Mudde, T.; Walton, B.; Hut, R.; Savenije, H.; Slater, L. J.; Solcerova, A.; Stoof, C. R.; Zink, M. (2018) HESS opinions: science in today’s media landscape – challenges and lessons from hydrologists and journalists, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 22(7), 3589-3599, doi:10.5194/hess-2018-13
  • Gleeson, T.; Manning, A. H.; Popp, A.; Zane, M.; Clark, J. F. (2018) The suitability of using dissolved gases to determine groundwater discharge to high gradient streams, Journal of Hydrology, 557, 561-572, doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2017.12.022
  • Moeck, C.; Radny, D.; Popp, A.; Brennwald, M.; Stoll, S.; Auckenthaler, A.; Berg, M.; Schirmer, M. (2017) Characterization of a managed aquifer recharge system using multiple tracers, Science of the Total Environment, 609, 701-714, doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2017.07.211
  • Zingraff-Hamed, A. and Popp, A. (2011), Stadtmitte am Fluss: unvollständige Nachhaltigkeit, Garten + Landschaft, 12, 46-47

Under review / revision

  • Popp, A.L., Pardo-Álvarez, Á.,  Schilling, O., Musy, S., Peel, M., Purtschert, R., Hunkeler, D., Brunner, P., Kipfer R., A framework for untangling transient groundwater mixing and travel times
  • Moeck, C., Popp, A.L.; Brennwald, M.S., Kipfer R., Schirmer, M., Combined method of 3H/3He apparent age and on-site helium analysis to identify
    groundwater flow processes and transport of perchloroethylene (PCE) in an urban area.
  • Popp, A.L., Hall, C. and Yilmaz, Y., Practical recommendations on how to combat discriminatory academic work environments in the geosciences
  • Biswakarma, J., Rushworth, D., Srivastava, G., Singh, G., Kang, K., Das, S., Anantharaman, S.B., Aeppli, M., Popp, A.L., Bhuyan, D.J., Organizational Level Responses to the COVID-19 Outbreak: Challenges, Strategies and Framework for Academic Institutes


  • Popp, A.L., Lutz, S.R., Kathami, S., van Emmerik, T., Knoben W. (2019). A global survey on the perceptions and impacts of gender inequality in the Earth and space sciences. EarthArXiv Preprints, doi:10.31223/
  • van Emmerik, T., Popp, A., Solcerova, A., Müller, H., Hut, R. (2018). Reporting negative results to stimulate experimental hydrology. EarthArXiv Preprints, doi:10.31223/

Blog posts


  • Interview with Eawag on gender inequality in the geosciences.
  • Interview (German) with Higgs on negative results in hydrology.
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