Sajjad Ahmadigoltapeh

Doctoral Research Fellow - Section of Geology and Geophysics
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Mobile phone +47 22854148 - Ext (54199)
Room U013
Visiting address Sem Sælands vei 1 Geologibygningen 0371 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1047 Blindern 0316 Oslo

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Academic interests

  • Machine Learning
  • Computational Fluid Mechanic
  • Molecular Dynamic
  • Fluid Flow through Porous Media (Multi-Phase)
  • Thermodynamic


  • 2019 - Doctoral Research Fellow, Dept. of Geosciences, University of Oslo
  • BSc in Nano Technology, University of Oslo
  • MSc in Chemical Engineering, School of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Shiraz University
  • BSc in Chemical Engineering, Persian Gulf University


Tags: Molecular Dynamic, Fluid Flow, Porous Media, Crystal Growth


  1. Gutterød ES, Øien-Ødegaard S, Bossers K, Nieuwelink AE, Manzoli M, Braglia L, Lazzarini A, Borfecchia E, Ahmadigoltapeh S., Bouchevreau B, Lønstad-Bleken BT. CO2 Hydrogenation over Pt-Containing UiO-67 Zr-MOFs The Base Case. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. 2017 Nov 15;56(45):13206-18.
  2. Ahmadigoltapeh S., Halimejani HZ. Study of the countercurrent–concurrent gas–liquid flow configuration impact on ethylene hydrogenation within structured catalyst bed: Experiment and modeling. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers. 2017 Jun 1;75:29-42.
  3. Ahmadigoltapeh S., Mehranbod N. Effect of the flow pattern on catalytic reaction of propylene hydrogenation through structured catalyst bed: Mathematical modeling and experiment observations. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering. 2017 Feb 1;38:566-81.
  4. Ahmadigoltapeh S., Mehranbod N, Halimejani HZ. Propylene hydrogenation through structured and conventional catalyst beds: Experiment and modeling. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering. 2015 Nov 1;27:822-30.
  5. Ahmadi Goltapeh S., Abdolahi S, Miri R, Hellevang H. Extension of PC-SAFT equation of state to include mineral surface effect in fluid properties using molecular dynamic simulation. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments. 2021 Dec  1;48:101624.
  6. Ahmadi Goltapeh S., Miri R, Aagaard P, Hellevang H. Extension of SAFT Equation of State for Fluids Confined in Nano-pores of Sedimentary Rocks Using Molecular Dynamic Simulation. Journal of Molecular Liquids. 2021 Nov 11:118045.
  7. Ahmadi Goltapeh S., Rahman MJ, Mondol NH, Hellevang H. Artificial Neural Network-Based Caprock Structural Reliability Analysis for CO2 Injection Site—An Example from Northern North Sea. Journal of Energies. 2022.
  8. Ahmadi Goltapeh S., Abdolahi S, Jahren J, Miri R, Hellevang H. Drivers of Low Salinity Effect in Carbonate Reservoirs Using Molecular Dynamic Simulation. Journal of Molecular Liquids. 2022 May 30:119490.

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View all works in Cristin

  • Ahmadigoltapeh, Sajjad; Abdolahi, Saeed; Miri, Rohaldin & Hellevang, Helge (2021). Extension of SAFT equation of state to include calcite wall effect in water properties within water-calcite interface using molecular dynamic simulations.

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