Staff - Section of Physics of Geological processes

The list contains 18 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aupart, Claire Olga Maryse Doctoral Research Fellow
Chauve, Thomas Researcher
Cordonnier, Benoit Researcher
Demurtas, Matteo Postdoctoral Fellow Geology, Microscopy, Rock deformation
Dunkel, Kristina Postdoctoral Fellow
Galland, Olivier Researcher +47 22856719
Guren, Marthe Grønlie Doctoral Research Fellow
Jamtveit, Bjørn Professor +47 22856612
Johnson, James Ronald Doctoral Research Fellow
Kandula, Neelima Doctoral Research Fellow
Kobchenko, Maya Researcher +47 41398183
Mair, Karen Professor +47 22856048 Geology, Geomechanics, Geohazards, Sonification
McBeck, Jessica Ann Associate Professor
Menegon, Luca Associate Professor +47 22856725
Petley-Ragan, Arianne J. Research Fellow 93922853 (mob) Metamorphism, Earthquakes, Rock-fluid interactions, Rock deformation, Mineralogy, field work
Rabbel, Ole Doctoral Research Fellow
Renard, Francois Professor +47 22857740 Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Remote sensing, Geohazards, Hydrogeology, Geomechanics, Environmental Geology, Materialvitenskap og -teknologi
Schmid, Daniel Researcher +47 22856491 Geology, Structural geology