Thin Section Workshop and Laboratory

The Dept. of Geosciences has a workshop and laboratory for preparation of thin sections of geological materials. With long experience making such for research, teaching and industry we offer high quality preparation of thin sections as required for further microscopy and microanalysis.

A perfect thin section from the workshop. Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen, UiO

A perfect thin section from our workshop. Photo: Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen, UiO

Booking and prices

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Booking: Contact Facility Manager


Contact information: 

Facility Manager: Sahalldin Akhavan
Location: Sem Sælands vei 1
0371 OSLO


  • Thorlag grinding and polishing automat
  • Logitech polishing machine
  • Diamond microsaw
  • Buehler phoenix 4000 polishing machine
  • Equipment for impregnation of samples

Description of services:

  • Laboratory preparations of a rock or mineral sample as:
    • Thin section 30  35 μm
    • Sections  > 35 μm
    • Polished sections

What is a thin section; How do we work?

In optical mineralogy and petrography a laboratory preparation called thin section is used. The thin section is prepared out of a rock, mineral, soil or metal sample. A thin sliver of the rock sample is cut with a diamond saw and mounted on a glass slide and then ground smooth using progressively finer abrasive grit until the sample is only 30 μm thick. 

Pictures show some stages in preparation of thin sections in the lab at Department of Geosciences. Photo: Sahalldin Akhavan, UiO
Pictures show some stages in preparation of thin sections in the lab at Department of Geosciences. Photo: Sahalldin Akhavan, UiO

The whole process involved with preparation of a thin section requires extreme caution and is time consuming.

A thin section is ready for further investigation in a microscope and when illumination revails specific  colours of minerals. This give the viewer more details of the orign and evolution of a rock or the quality of the sample.

Industry using thin sections are for an example the petroleum industry who want to know the grain size and pore space in a sandstone, or the infrastructure or construction industry to investigate the quality of concrete from bridges and tunnels.

The workshop and laboratory can by appointment be used for research activities and/or to assist students at the Department of Geosciences.

About the Thin Section Workshop and Laboratory

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From the workshop we have an online gallery with some stunning photos of colourful minerals as thin sections, visit the:

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