EarthFlows 2017: Interface Dynamics during Geophysical Flows

Welcome to The 3rd EarthFlows seminar and meeting

Participants in the EarthFlows research group and invited guests are welcome to this annual seminar 15-16 June 2017 at UiO, Oslo Science Park.

EartFlows' new logo! Designed by Knut Bauer.

EartFlows' new logo! Designed by Knut Bauer.

-- Programme --

Thursday 15th of June


Welcome & The EarthFlows lecture

0915-0920       Welcome

                        Luiza Angheluta/Bjørn Jamtveit (PGP): 

0920-1000      The EarthFlows lecture:

                        Rheology and flows at the mesoscale

                        Jorge Vinals (University of Minesota, US)

1000-1015       Coffee break and Discussion

Turbulent flows

- Chair for the session: Joseph LaCasce

1015-1045       Cristobal Lopez (IFISC, Mallorca):

                        Flow networks: a useful tool to study marine ecosystems

1045-1115       Marta Sanchez de Lama (EF/IG):

                        Turbulent dispersion in the Nordic seas

1115-1145       Anis Awal Ayati (EF):

                        Air-flow structure above a wavy interface in stratified air-water pipe flow

1145-1215       Audun Skaugen (PGP, UiO):

                        Spectral energy and vortex clustering in quantum turbulence

1215-1345       Lunch

Flows in complex systems

- Chair for the session: Guillaume Dumazer

1345-1415       Emilio Hernandez-Garcia (IFISC, Mallorca):

                        Stretching fields in the ocean: transport and coherent structures

1415-1445       Joachim Mathiesen (NBI, Copenhagen):

                        Laminar and transitional flows in complex geometries

1445-1515      Knut Jørgen Måloy (EF, Porelab) Pattern formation and flow in frictional fluid systems

1515-1545      Eirik Flekkøy (EF, PoreLab) The fabulous flying chain

1545-1600      Coffee break

Fracture and friction processes

- Chair for the session: Julien Scheibert

1600-1630      Piotr Szymczak (Univ of Warsaw, Poland):

                       Karst-on-a-chip: dissolving gypsum fracture in a microfluidic cell

1630-1700      Stephane Santucci (LP-ENS, Lyon):

                        Multiscale stick-slip dynamics of adhesive tap peeling

1700-1715      Breake

Dislocation patterns in rocks

- Chair for the session: Audun Skaugen

1715-1745      Patrick Cordier (UMET, Universite Lille): 

                       What numerical modeling tells us about flow in planetary interiors

1745-1815      Bjørn Jamtveit (EF, PGP):

                       Microstructural records of deep crustal earthquakes

1900               Dinner


Friday 16th of June


Fluid migration and magma dynamics

- Chair for the session: Ben Rogers

0915-0945       Laurent G.J. Montesi (Univ of Maryland, USA):

                        Speed of melt migration at mid-ocean ridges: A multiscale approach

0945-1015       Muriel Gerbault (Toulouse, France):

                        Stress rotation and inferences on magma pathways from elasto-plastic numerical modells at 2 scales around magma chambers and in a lithosphere above a mantle plume

1015-1030       Coffee

Deformation and failure

- Chair for the session: Anis Ayati

1030-1115       Wenlu Zhu (Univ of Maryland, USA):

                        Effect of pore pressure on rupture propagation

1115-1145       Francois Renard (EF, PGP):

                        The microscale dynamics of precursors to failure in rocks

1145-1215       Julien Scheibert (Ecole Centrale Lyon, France):

                        Onset of sliding of rough contacts  

1215-1400       Lunch

Ice, glacier motion 

- Chair for the session: Aylin Dursun

1415-1500       Jerome Weiss ( ISTerre, France):

                        Sea ice rheology and fracturing: A perspective across scales

1500-1530       Andreas Kääb (EF):

                        Collapsing glaciers

1530-1600       Kjetil Thøgersen  (EF, PGP):

                        Glacier sliding laws


Seminar programme (pdf).


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