EarthFlows 2018: Complexity in Geophysical Flows

Welcome to The 4rd EarthFlows seminar and meeting

Participants in the EarthFlows research group and invited guests are welcome to the annual EarthFlows seminar, 14-15 June 2018 at Oslo Science Park, UiO.

EarthFlows. University of Oslo

EarthFlows. University of Oslo

-- Programme --

Thursday 14th of June



The EarthFlows lecture

09.45-09.50     Welcome

                        Luiza Angheluta/Bjørn Jamtveit (EF/NJORD)

09.50-10.30     Numerical Analysis and Fractal Interpolation of Fluvial Landscapes

                        Bjorn Birnir (Univ. of California, USA)

10.30-10.45     Coffee break


Tipping-point phenomena

- Chair for the session: Arianne Ragan

10.45-11.15     The road to faulting in rocks: from damage to failure

                        Francois Renard (Njord, UiO)

11.15-11.45     Stable and unstable glacier flows: role of friction law and feedback mechanisms at the basal interface

                        Adrien Gilbert (UiO)

11.45-12.15     Glacier surges as frictional tipping points
                        Kjetil Thøgersen (EF)

12.15-14.20     Lunch


Reactive flow and transport in complex systems

- Chair for the session: Marcel Moura

14.20-15.00      Fluid flow in reactive deformable systems

                         John Wheeler (Univ of Liverpool, UK)

15.00-15.30      Controlling of fluid mixing on biogeochemical reactions from turbulent to porous media flows

                         Tanguy Le Borgne (Univ. of Rennes 1, France)

15.30-16.00      Pore scale mixing and reactivity in porous media: experimental investigations

                         Yves Meheust (Univ. of Rennes 1, France)

16.00-16.20      Coffee break

Fracture and reactive flows

- Chair for the session: Kristina Dunkel

16.20-16.50     Flow induced metamorphism and stress

                        Bjørn Jamtveit (EF,UiO)

16.50-17.20    Fracturing of peridotite induced by the hydration of periclase

                        Xiaojiao Zheng (EF, UiO)

19.00-             Dinner


Friday 15th of June


Friction in complex materials

- Chair for the session: Kristian Olsen

09.40-10.20      A physics-based rock-friction constitutive law: steady-state friction

                         Einat Aharonov (Inst of Earth Sciences, Israel)

10.20-10.50      Molecular scale studies of contact mechanics, friction and healing

                         Anders Malthe-Sørenssen (EF, UiO)

10.50-11.10      Coffee break

Crystal plasticity

- Chair for the session: Claire Aupart

11.10-11.50       Crackling noise and jamming transition in crystal plasticity (TBA)

                          Mikko Alava (Univ of Aalto, Finland)

11.50-12.20       Elasticity and plasticity in the phase field crystal model

                          Audun Skaugen (Njord, UiO)

12.20-14.00       Lunch

Turbulence in multiphase flows

- Chair for the session: Audun Skaugen

14.00-14.30       Microscale breaking of waves

                           Petter Vollestad (EF, UiO)

14.30-15.00        Tailoring lab-scale turbulent shear flows to investigate internal interfaces

                           Jason Hearst (NTNU, Norway)

15.00-15.30       Transition to turbulence in pipe flows (TBA)

                           Joachim Mathiesen (NBI, Denmark)

18.00-                 Welcome to summer party


Seminar programme (pdf).


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