Meeting for the EarthFlows group

There will be an kick-off meeting for the EarthFlows research group the 14th of February. All participants in the EarthFlows research group and other invited guests are welcome.

EarthFlows. University of Oslo

EarthFlows. University of Oslo

EarthFlows kick-off meeting


9.45-10.00     Luiza/Francois,  Intro

10.00-10.30   Matteo Demurtas: “Granular flow and mineral anisotropy: exploring the influence of cleavage planes during brittle deformation using experiments and numerical models”

10.30-11.00   Ole Rabbel: “Fracturing in organic-rich shales around intrusions - from outcrop to model”

11.00-11.15   Coffee break

11.15-11.45   Petter Vollestad: "The effect of microscale breaking on the airflow above waves"

11.45-12.15   Kjetil Thøgersen: “Rate-and-state friction elucidates glacier flow instabilities”

12.15-13.30  Lunch break

13.30 -          Board meeting (EarthFlows)       

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