Participants in Interface Dynamics in Geophysical Flows – EarthFlows

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Bjørn Jamtveit Vice Dean (Prodekan) of Research +47 22856612 +47 907 30 358 (mob)
Luiza Angheluta-Bauer Professor +47 22856763 Statistical physics, Complex systems, Condensed matter physics
François Renard Professor +47 22857740 +47 47688752 (mob) Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Remote sensing, Geohazards, Hydrogeology, Geomechanics, Environmental Geology
Olivier Galland Researcher +47 22856719
Joseph Henry Lacasce Professor +47 22855955 Meteorology, Oceanography, Large scale dynamics, Turbulence, Lagrangian statistics
Andreas Max Kääb Professor +47 22855812 Remote sensing, Observation technoloies, Geoinformatics, Climate change, Cold regions, Geohazards, Cryosphere, Permafrost, Glaciology, Geomatics
Karen Mair Professor +47 22856048
Thomas Vikhamar Schuler Professor +47 22855928 Glaciology, Climate change, Glacier hydrology, Cryosphere
Anders Malthe-Sørenssen Professor +47 22856477 +47 91198853 (mob)
Atle Jensen Professor +47 22855841 +47 92462282 (mob) Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, water waves, multiphase flow, PIV, PTV
Kent-Andre Mardal Professor +47 22855828 Computational Mechanics
Luca Menegon Professor +47 22856725
Knut Jørgen Måløy Professor +47 22856524
Anja Røyne Senior Lecturer +47 22844175 +47 92629319 AFM, Condensed matter physics, porous media, Experiments, Geology
Andreas Carlson Professor +47 22857223 Mechanics, Fluid mechanics
Kjetil Thøgersen Researcher 90052669
Torstein Sæter Doctoral Research Fellow Fluid mechanics, Mechanics
Andreas Grøvan Aspaas Doctoral Research Fellow
Stephen Paul Michalchuk Doctoral Research Fellow
Coline Lili Mathy Bouchayer Doctoral Research Fellow
Vidar Skogvoll Doctoral Research Fellow

Other participants