Petroleum systems and basin development

The global energy requirement is increasing rapidly.  Future energy supplies will have to cover the material growth which is necessary to secure an internationally fair distribution and economic growth.

Although renewable energy will be developed at an increasing tempo, all the analyses show that for many years to come the global energy supply will continue to be dominated by the use of fossil fuels. As a nation with major energy resources, Norway has a special responsibility to contribute to a comprehensive and sustainable development of the total energy system. The Norwegian petroleum industry has an important role to perform in this work.

Norwegian energy management in general, and the petroleum industry both nationally and internationally, face huge challenges in this respect. These challenges are threefold:

  1. Petroleum resources are limited and are increasingly less accessible. Future petroleum exploration and production therefore demands an ever greater understanding of the underlying geological processes an the chemical and physical conditions for the formation and accumulation of petroleum.
  2. Exploration and production must proceed in an environmentally acceptable manner.
  3. The Norwegian petroleum industry aims to compete fully in the international arena. Within a few years this will lead to the main emphasis shifting to production outside Norwegian territory.

About the group

Petroleum systems and basin development is a Emerging Top Tier Research Group appointed by MN Faculty, which is a major recognition of our petroleum research over several decades.

All these conditions require that the petroleum industry is supported by innovative research communities which can work in a long-term perspective and which have the ability to produce knowledge, and a fundamental understanding, of the geological processes which are significant for the formation of petroleum fields. At the same time this knowledge must be integrated with the development of new methods for imaging reservoirs and the dynamic processes which are active during petroleum production.

The group for “Petroleum systems and basin development” aims to be a leading supplier of relevant competence in this connection.

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