Environmentally Compatible Air Transport System (ECATS)

ECATS is a network of research groups funded initially by the European Commission to reduce the environmental impact of aviation.

Zonally averaged distribution of the transported tracer plume

About the network

ECATS has a broad and fundamental expertise as well as impressive resources for research on the environmental impact of air transport. As scientifically sound and internationally competitive European research structure ECATS combines all necessary and partially complementary scientific approaches used in the research on the environmental impact of aviation. An in-depth integration of the competences and activities available across Europe further improves the competitiveness of European aeronautics industry. As an important part of the scientific community, ECATS will be able to give the stakeholders advice on the best way forward.


  • Initial pollutant formation in engines and subsequent chemical and physical transformations in the engine plume.
    The ultimate objective here is to find ways of achieving targets set for CO2 and NOx emissions through improvements in airframes and engines, alternative fuels and fuel additives.
  • Local and regional air quality.
    Local air quality is a limiting factor in the development of many airports Knowledge of emissions is improving but more work needs to be done. So far, no accepted methodology is available for obtaining meaningful data for evaluation modelling.
  • Environmentally sustainable air traffic management.  Environmentally-friendly flight operations and route networking are being examined to see how operational and/or technological parameters can be changed to give the lowest environmental effects. Air traffic scenarios are being evaluated for their impact on the future development of the air transportation system and the climate impact of aviation.


  • EU - FP6

ECATS started in Januar 2005 and ends Januar 2012

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Partner at UiO

  • Ivar S. A. Isaksen


  • Ivar S A Isaksen
  • Øivind Hodnebrog
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