Field course on glaciers and permafrost, Svalbard.

The GlacioEx project is focused on the terrestrial cryosphere:  glaciers, snow, ice shelves, permafrost and seasonal frost in sub-Arctic, Arctic, and high mountain environments

Primary funding from SIU (Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education), Partnership Program for North America: 2012-2016

We have a common and pressing need to learn from each other’s research, and to expose university students at all levels to the similarities and differences in environmental and societal conditions in the North

This project aims to strengthen scientific cooperation, research interaction and educational activities between the project partners.

See list of partners in the GlacioEx


GlacioEx provides unique connection between leading cryospheric research groups in Norway and North America

GlacioEx will establish closer, formal linkages and exchange arrangements, and will train the next generation of cryospheric scientists

The exchange is expected to lead to long-term collaborative ties between researchers, and graduate and undergraduate students in all three countries.

See presentation of the objective of GlacioEx (pdf)

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