Ice cores provides knowledge about volcanoes

The story of the largest volcanic eruptions in the last 2000 years may be found in glaciers in Antarctica. A research team led by researchers from DRI, where researchers from the Department of Geosciences among others have contributed, have studied glacier cores from the Antarctic.

Antarctica glaciers can give knowledge about climate change back in time. Illustration:

In the project, the research team analyzed over 26 ice cores from 19 different locations in the Antarctic.

Their findings were recently published in Nature Climate Change earlier in July 2014, and has received considerable media coverage internationally ..

The research behind the article is lead by Michael Sigl and Joe McConnell, both from American Nevada's Desert Research Institute (DRI), but studies have contributions from several scientists from other research institutions around the world. Among them, professor in meteorology Kristin Krüger from the Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo and post doc Matthew Toohey.

Read more about the study in the article in Nature Climate Change, link below.


Read the article in Nature Climate Change:

Insights from Antarctica on volcanic forcing during the Common Era. Michael Sigl et al. Nature Climate Change, published online July 6, 2014.


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