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The IT group currently consists of 9 persons with different experience and working times:

  • Arnstein Orten: IT-leader GEO-IT / MATNAT-IT
  • Sofia Lulseghade Abrha: Student-IT Mat-Nat
  • Kjell Andresen (50%): UNIX, servers, storage, network (MetOs)
  • Jørn Viljar Arnesen: Windows network administration
  • Anne Fouilloux: HPC, programming
  • Michel Heeremans: Geoscientific applications, storage and databases
  • Soufiane Homrani: Windows network administration
  • Mathias Onsrud: Windows administration Mat-Nat
  • Hans Peter Verne: UNIX, servers, network

Anne Fouilloux and Michel Heeremans both teach and work closely with our scientific staff to directly support science. Knowledge overlaps and we encourage people to contact us as a group, not individuals.

How should I ask for support?

  • Send an email: Include your user name, title, room number and machine name.
  • User support time is 12-13 every day in the Geologi building, all day at Metos.
  • If you experience problems logging in, or with your email, we take it immediately. Use the phone or come around to our offices. If we are not at work, contact USITs IT helpdesk line at 40004.
By Arnstein Orten
Published Jan. 25, 2011 12:39 PM - Last modified Nov. 6, 2017 12:48 PM