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IT services: where can I get help?

Are you an employee and need help with digital teaching?

Read more about digital teaching at UiO 

Are you a student and need help or information about digital lectures or local IT services?

Read more about digital lectures at UiO

Are you employed at GEO and need help or information about IT services, for example regarding remote desktop? Contact your local IT-staff:

E-mail: It-drift. Include your usename, roomnumber and the name of the machine in the email

Support: 12-13 o'clock, Geologibygget / Tues & Thursdays, MetOs

If you don`t menage to logg in/send e-mail, call/visit us at any time. If we are not present you can contact Houston, centre for IT support at UiO

Are you employed at GEO and need support in teaching or research, like programming and HTC? Contact your local IT-staff:

E-mail: It-drift. Describe what you need help with. We will contact you.

Are you an employee or PhD candidate and want information about digital disputations?