Additional info on installation of Team-GIS Data Assistant from Exprodat

Exprodat Team-GIS Data Assistant and Toolbox, current version v222

Additional info for installation of both the license server and the client applications

Installation packages and documentation from the provider are located in:


License server

After installation of the license servers (currently running on, it might be necessary to set an inbound rule for accessing the ports. Team-GIS Data Assistant runs on port 1319 and Team-GIS Data Assistant Toolbox runs on port 1321 by default. It is possible to change that (see guidelines). The inbound rule should have:

Local Address=Any
Remote Address=Any
Local Port=<port number>
Remote Port=Any
Allowed Users=Any
Allowed Computers=Any

Client applications

Following the instructions provided by Exprodat, installation might fail. This is most probably due to the fact that this is an Add-in to ArcMAP. This add-in is installed in M:\Pc\Dokumenter\ArcGIS\AddIns\Desktop10.0, which is located on the user's home-directory. If the administaror is not the same user as the user who will use the add-in, the installation will fail since the administrator has no access to the user's home-directory. Therefore, we need to grant admin-rights to the user who will use the software. After that, to avoid the 'M:\-drive invalid" error, run the installation from the command line after first setting "net use M: "\\your\home\directory".

It is also possible to place the Add-in on a shared location. Maybe we should discuss a good place for such a location on our network.

Tags: GIS, Exprodat, ESRI, license, Team-GIS, ArcGIS By Michel Heeremans
Published Sep. 29, 2016 5:26 PM - Last modified Sep. 30, 2016 11:26 AM