Install Kingdom Data management

Instructions for how to install IHS Kingdom Data Management

Installation of IHS Kingdom Data Management

IHS Kingdom Data Management is a tool for managing IHS Kingdom Projects. The tool can convert between databases (Access, Microsoft SQL and Oracle), copy data between projects, Inventory projects etc.

Current version is Kingdom DM 8.8. Installation files are located at K:\itgruppe-data\Programmer\KINGDOMSoftware\Kingdom DM 8.8

To install, follow these instructions:

  1. Open a 'cmd'-window with 'Run as administrator'. Enter the administrator credentials. Make sure the M-drive and K-drive are properly mounted
  2. Navigate to K:\itgruppe-data\Programmer\KINGDOMSoftware\Kingdom DM 8.8
  3. Run KingdomDM_x64.exe and follow the instructions for installation. Use the default settings.

Specific user settings

To be able to add projects with well and seismic data to a Kingdom DM Catalogue, you need to set the NLS_LANG variable in your environment variables and you need to set the Language settings of your pc to English (United States). To find out the NLS settings of the database, login to the database (currently GEOPRD) using f.e. SQLDeveloper and run the following SQL query:


This will give a result looking like this:






From this, you can extract the NLS_LANG variable as:


This can differ from database to database.

Note: the IP-addresse of the PC accessing the Oracle database has to be registered at for access to a database.

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