Efficient IT Problem Solving

Hang this over your desk; you will save a lot of time as we effortlessly and efficiently smoothe your way through the UiO IT world :-)

  • Problems in general
    1. If PC, try rebooting first
    2. Have you checked http://www.mn.uio.no/geo/tjenester/it/ for a solution?
    3. In the e-mail: Include your user name, machine name and room number.
    4. Give complete error messages
    5. Do you know if others have similar problems?
    6. Please remind us if you don't get an e-mail reply within a day.
  • E-mail problems
    1. If Thunderbird: http://www.uio.no/tjenester/it/e-post-kalender/e-post/thunderbird/index.html.
    2. Does http://webmail.uio.no work for you?
    3. Phone us, make someone send us an email for you or come around to our offices.
    4. We need to know if you are using Pine, Thunderbird or Webmail.
  • Login problems
    1. If PC: Check that you log on to the UiO domain, not locally
    2. Check that Caps Lock is off
    3. As a test, try typing the password in the "Username" field and see if it matches what you believe you have typed.
  • Printers
    1. Turning the printer on and off solves most problems
    2. When the toner seems empty, take it out and shake it, then put it back again. It will often give an additional 500 pages that way.
    3. Our central printers (ig_adm1 / ig_adm2 / ig_adm3) are twice as cheap in use than our other network printers, which in turn are a magnitude cheaper in use than local printers.
  • If a machine has been without network access or turned off for more than a few weeks, involve us before putting it back on the net. The machine will be missing recent security upgrades and might be vulnerable to attack.
  • Laptops must also be updated at least every second week. Do this in one of two ways:
    • if you leave the laptop switched on, connected to the UiO network, throughout a night, it will update itself
    • if PC, access http://www.windowsupdate.com as an administrator. If Linux, run "/usr/bin/yum -y update" as root.
  • All laptops must visit the UiO network at least every 100 days.
  • Moving machines
    1. Please tell us when stationary machines change location. Email is fine, the info we need is the machine name, username of the new user and the room number it is moved to.
    2. The new network access point of the machine might not work. Give us the number (e.g. B19-2.1-111D) if you run into problems.
  • Don't save data on local hard disks, they might crash of themselves or because of often uncomplicated things we do to fix things (including applying security patches).

Happy computing,

Published Mar. 8, 2011 11:24 AM - Last modified Apr. 4, 2011 2:32 PM