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Available MSc theses at the Department of Geosciences – Page 9

Title Published Supervisor(s)
Origin of volcanic ash in the Siberian Traps lava pile Nov. 18, 2016
Understand the volcanic pipe formation from the Siberian Traps Large igneous province Nov. 18, 2016
Asphaltene zones affecting reservoir properties & oil production at Johan Sverdrup Nov. 17, 2016
Fracturing and hydrothermal alteration during emplacement of the Fen carbonatite complex Nov. 14, 2016
The early sills in the evolution of the Oslo graben Nov. 11, 2016
3D seismic imaging and nature of Seaward Dipping Reflections (SDRs) on rifted margins Nov. 10, 2016
Dikes and the sub-volcanic plumbing system in the Oslo Rift Nov. 10, 2016
Photo-geological mapping of water and ice related landforms Nov. 8, 2016
S-receiver function analysis for seismic stations in the Arctic and Antarctica Nov. 8, 2016
Analysis of seismic profile shots at permanent seismic stations to investigate the crustal structure in and around the Barents Sea Nov. 8, 2016
Retrieving the photo-archive to reconstruct Svalbard in 1936 Nov. 7, 2016
Environmental factors controlling ground temperatures in permafrost ground around Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard Nov. 7, 2016
Palsa mires in Finnmark – measuring and modeling the thermal regime of the ground Nov. 7, 2016
Evaporation Nov. 7, 2016
Frequency of extremes in relation to long term variability in climate and hydrology Nov. 7, 2016
Exploring the Link between Hydrometeorological Drought and Impacts Nov. 7, 2016
Subglacial paleolakes in Norway Nov. 7, 2016