Available MSc theses in Environmental Geoscience

Title Published Supervisor(s)
Geochemical investigation of AMD generation under oxic and suboxic conditions Sep. 22, 2022
Self-heating in acid-producing alum shale Sep. 22, 2022
Shear deformation and stability of marine clays Sep. 22, 2022
The impact of sewage plant discharge on the benthic environment in the Moss area, outer Oslofjord, Norway Sep. 5, 2022
Pollution history and environmental status development in the Mossesund, outer Oslofjord, Norway Sep. 5, 2022
Paleo-oceanographic reconstructions of environmental change during the past centuries in contrasting northern Barents Sea environments Aug. 24, 2022
Geochemical investigation of acid rock drainage mitigations Aug. 24, 2022
Assessment of benthic foraminifera as a proxy for environmental change in the Arctic region Nov. 4, 2021
In situ removal of iron and manganese from groundwater - biologically mediated oxidation Nov. 3, 2021
Tracers of Atmospheric Mercury Pollution in Sedimentary Organic Matter Sep. 17, 2020