Developing and evaluating drone-based surveying methodology and applications

At NGI we are developing our drone surveying capabilities and constantly pursue the development of new applications relevant to our activities within geohazards, geotechnics, and environmental monitoring. If you have an interest in remote sensing
and drone-based surveying and applications using optical, infrared and lidar sensors, please get in touch with us at NGI.

Examples of relevant topics include snow avalanche hazards, erosion in quick clay zones and infrastructure monitoring. Investigations into new topics such as drone surveying of construction projects, excavation sites and tunnels are also relevant.

Various persons at NGI, in cooperation with the Department of Geosciences, UiO.

For first contact please contact Dyre Damman (NGI) or Andreas Kääb (UiO)

Published Aug. 12, 2022 3:34 PM - Last modified Aug. 12, 2022 3:34 PM

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