Development of a cheap LiDAR platform for glaciological investigations

Technological advancement has made cheap LiDAR sensors available within the recent years. This allows to built very cheap 3D Laser scanners, opening up new research potentials.

An example of such a cheap 3D Laser scanner can be seen here:

During this project a cheap LiDAR platform for glaciological investigations should be developed. As a starting point a preexisting 2D scanner module can be used. This module should be connected to an Arduino platform and calibrated for the use on glaciers. Later on the platform should be extended for the use as 3D scanner. The scanner will then be calibrated and tested for the use on dry ice, wet ice and debris covered ice. Afterwards technology demonstration of the platform for different glaciological measurements will be conducted in the field.

Potential field sites are thereby in Finse and on Svalbard (on the glacier surface as well as in glacier caves) with a first potential field season in August 2018.

The project is ideal for someone with a technological interest, who wants to combine hands-on development work with field tests.

Tags: Glaciology, LiDAR, Geomatics, Electronics
Published May 25, 2018 12:39 PM - Last modified May 25, 2018 12:39 PM

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