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Analysis of seismological data at the Lusi site, Indonesia

"LUSI LAB" is a multidisciplinary project focusing on a large mud eruption that started in 2006 and that is still on-going in East Java, Indonesia.
The objective is to understand the relation between the different factors that lead to such eruptions of boiling mud.

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The objective of the present master project is to analyse the seismological data collected by the project. 20 short-period and 10 broadband seismometers were deployed in January 2015 in the vicinity of the mud eruption site and the associated volcanic complex. In addition, a number of permanent stations are available in the area.

The stations are located above the slab of the Indo-Austalian plate.

They record therefore both the deep seismicity coming from the slab and the more shallow seismicity associated with the volcanic arc, allowing different kind of studies, like P-wave tomography of the mantle wedge and crust, anisotropy, earthquake relocation, relation between seismicity and mud volcanism, depending on the interest of the student.

Learning outcome: processing of seismic data, introduction to seismic tomography, programming.

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