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Satellite Gravity Data and Lithospheric Stresses


Recent satellite geodetic and gravity data by the European Space Agency (ESA) GOCE mission combined with land and airborne gravity measurements provide unique information that can be linked to properties of the Earth interior.

The task is to put theoretical basis and quantify these links to reveal the density structure of the crust and upper mantle and to map lithospheric stresses. The data will be analyzed in selected case study regions and results will be tested by other geophysical methods and published models (North Atlantic, Western US, East Africa and Western Indian Ocean).

This master project is a part of large international project and will be performed in a close collaboration with ESA.

Learning outcomes

The student will get theoretical and practical basis for solving the problems that arise in modern geophysics and geodynamics. In particular, the student will learn how to:

i) read and analyze airborne and satellite data 

ii) link these results to existent geophysical and geological data

The student will benefit from a large international scientific network and various geophysical expertise.

Tags: MATLAB, Programming, Geophysics, Numerical Modeling, Potential Fields, Stress, Geomechanics, Geodynamics, Mantle Convection, Satellite Geodesy, Remote Sensing, Geodynamics
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