Open topic: On the Geophysical interpretation of terrestrial planets

Several options of projects related to mantle dynamic processes. These can be inferred from observations of the gravity field of a planet, but also the crustal thickness and topography-gravity ratios, and can be used to study the upper layers of a planetary body.

Especially, the moon was recently measured by the GRAIL mission and the resolution of this data set is increased so that the detailed interpretation of topography and gravity field are possible.

In this project, the deviation of the predicted gravity-topography ratio will indicate subsurface density anomalies, which could be induced by material differences due to volcanic intrusions or “hidden” impact craters.

These projects will be based on building GIS databases and image interpretation or can focus on numerical simulations.

Published Sep. 23, 2019 4:25 PM - Last modified Sep. 23, 2019 4:25 PM


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