Available MSc theses in Hydrology and Glaciology

Title Published Supervisor(s)
Study of glacial hydrology with drifters Aug. 31, 2020
Remote sensing of glacier flow, permafrost changes, and other cold region processes Aug. 31, 2020
Deep aquifer recharge in East Africa Nov. 6, 2019
Which factors determines the size of the snowmelt flood? Oct. 14, 2019
Connecting simulations of solar radiation with real-life observational data: Case study at Finse Alpine Research center with detailed topography Oct. 14, 2019
Predicting hydrology in ungauged basins using the DDD model Oct. 14, 2019
Common parameter set for the flood forecasting model at different temporal resolutions Oct. 14, 2019
Calibration and evaluation of hydrological models Oct. 14, 2019
Hydrological ensemble-forecasting Oct. 14, 2019
Using machine learning to estimate bulk snow density based on weather data Oct. 8, 2019
Analysis of groundwater drought using different indices Oct. 4, 2019
Design flood estimation for different durations Oct. 4, 2019
Measuring snow depth with ICESat-2 space laser data Sep. 24, 2019
Exploration of ICESat-2 satellite laser altimetry for geoscientific applications Sep. 24, 2019
Motion of rock glaciers Sep. 24, 2019
Remote sensing of permafrost thaw lakes Sep. 24, 2019
Regional-scale spatio-temporal changes in glacier flow Sep. 23, 2019
Satellite remote sensing of glacier flow instabilities (glacier surges) Sep. 23, 2019
Rock avalanches on glaciers Sep. 23, 2019
Long-term glacier elevation changes Sep. 23, 2019
Characterization of glacial water flow using lagrangian drifters Jan. 25, 2019
Snowpack simulation in Norway/on Svalbard Oct. 9, 2018
Glacier mass balance modeling of Hardangerjøkulen Oct. 9, 2018
Wind and snow distribution at Finse Oct. 9, 2018
Historisk informasjon i flomanalyser Nov. 7, 2017