Extremely large/super-size eruptions and their impacts on the i) polar (SSW), and ii) tropical (QBO) atmosphere


  • CESM2(WACCM6) model runs (i.e., 100 and 1050 Mt SO2 injections, next to HCL and HBr) (Brenna et al 2019 ACPD; Brenna et al in prep)
  • Observational based data: tephra, Singapore radiosonde, ERA5, SPARC climatology

Method: Data analyses:

  • Atmospheric circulation changes, annular modes, SSW, and the QBO, and the Asian monsoon
  • TEM analysis of wave mean flow interaction


  • Is the QBO impacted?
  • How is the regional and temporal evolution of this impact > tephra?
  • How is the Asian Monsoon impacted?
  • How is the polar vortex impacted?
  • Which annular mode response do we get?
  • Are Sudden Stratospheric Warmings (SSW) impacted?


Published Oct. 4, 2019 11:22 AM - Last modified Oct. 31, 2019 9:37 AM


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