Available MSc theses in Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry

Title Published Supervisor(s)
Mine mapping and underground data integration of the Co-Cu Skuterudåsen deposit in Modum Aug. 16, 2022
Geochronology of the lithotectonic framework hosting the Co-Cu Skuterudåsen mineralization at Modum Aug. 16, 2022
Quantifying the mineralizing system of the Co-Cu Skuterudåsen mineralization in Modum Aug. 16, 2022
High precision geochronology of Silurian bentonites in the Oslo area Aug. 15, 2022
Geokronologi og tektono-magmatisk opphav av en proterozisk vulkansk sekvens i Hol-området Aug. 12, 2022
Behaviour of micas during seismic deformation Sep. 29, 2021
Melt migration and pluton emplacement in the deep crust Sep. 8, 2021
Meteorite Oslo - Regolith compaction and fluid alterations Sep. 24, 2020
Proterozoisk grunnfjell i Ustekveikja, Haugastøl: Litologisk og strukturgeologisk kartlegging og aldersbestemmelser Sep. 10, 2020
Strength evolution of the lower crust Aug. 31, 2020
Mineralogy and geochemistry of the lower mantle and core by atomistic simulations projects Oct. 29, 2019
Understanding explosive volcanic eruptions and ignimbrite formation in the Oslo Rift Oct. 8, 2019
Strain localisation in the continental crust Sep. 10, 2019
Earthquake generation in the deep crust Sep. 10, 2019
Stochastic geodynamic modelling of volcanic sedimentary basins Aug. 20, 2019
Fluids migration and sedimentary processes in Lake Baikal Apr. 4, 2019
Weathering and carbonation of peridotites in the Samail ophiolite complex, Oman Aug. 7, 2018
Crystal chemistry of the hiortdahlite-group Nov. 22, 2017
Dating secondary monazites from Ilímaussaq alkaline complex, South Greenland Nov. 22, 2017
Quartz formation temperatures in the Ivigtut cryolite deposit, South Greenland Nov. 22, 2017
Characterisation of complex REE-minerals from the Ilímaussaq alkaline complex, South Greenland Nov. 22, 2017
Alteration of REE-phosphosilicates from the Ilímaussaq Alkaline Complex, South Greenland Nov. 22, 2017