Available MSc theses in Petroleum Geoscience

Title Published Supervisor(s)
Grain-coating clay distribution and early diagenesis – Evidence from a modern coastline in Parnaiba, Brazil Oct. 18, 2019
Structural analysis of Triassic units in the Smeaheia CO2 storage site, Northern Horda Platform Oct. 3, 2019
Sedimentology and reservoir characterisation of a shallow-marine to continental transition for Carbon Capture and Storage purposes Oct. 2, 2019
Structural analysis of a basin on the Norwegian Continental Shelf using Machine Learning methods Sep. 6, 2019
Fluid expulsion in low permeability rocks and the mechanism of reaction-driven fracturing Aug. 20, 2019
Fluids migration and sedimentary processes in Lake Baikal Apr. 4, 2019
Reservoir Quality within the Realgrunnen Subgroup in the Barents Sea area in wells – the role of sediment composition, provenance and mechanical and chemical compaction Nov. 5, 2018
Reservoir Quality in Jurassic and/or Cretaceous sandstone reservoirs located in the northern North Sea area area in wells – the role of sediment composition, provenance, chlorite coating and mechanical and chemical compaction Nov. 5, 2018
Linking geomechanics, fluid flow and seismic wave propagation Sep. 21, 2017
Source rock facies and depositional environment of Cretaceous derived oils from the Mid-Norwegian Shelf May 23, 2017
Importance of deep structural grain for Mesozoic faulting - the Fingerdjupet to Bjarmland platform region (in 3D and 2D seismic analysis) May 23, 2017
Late Paleocene-Eocene deposition in the northern Sørvestsnaget Basin in relation to uplift/erosion of the Stappen High, SW Barents Sea May 23, 2017
Late Mesozoic-Cenozoic tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Vesterålen margin, offshore northern Norway May 23, 2017
Crustal structure and development of the Vesterålen/Senja Margin May 23, 2017
Asphaltene zones affecting reservoir properties & oil production at Johan Sverdrup Nov. 17, 2016