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Reservoir Quality within the Realgrunnen Subgroup in the Barents Sea area in wells – the role of sediment composition, provenance and mechanical and chemical compaction

These projects aims to increase the understanding of the distribution, quality and differences within and between wells within the Realgrunnen Subgroup regionally in the Barents Sea Area.

Reservoir properties of sandstones from the Barents Sea area are a function of mechanical and chemical compaction processes. Important factors include grain size, sorting, mineralogical composition, amount of matrix, amount of early formed cements (carbonate, kaolinite), quartz cementation, etc). These factors are again a function of provenance, transport processes, climate, depositional environment, etc. A good understanding of the factors controlling the reservoir properties of different sandstone units is essential for prediction of reservoir properties prior to drilling.

The students will work on characterization sandstones from the released wells.

The work will be based on geophysical logs and core material. Data and results based on logs will be compared to investigate the distribution of sedimentary facies. The facies distribution will be related to petrographic analysis of core material using both optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). It is of particular interest to estimate uplift from sonic/density logs in the area and also if possible to model/estimate the temperature history.

To help modeling the temperature history fluid inclusion analysis may also be performed if possible. In addition XRD and Cathode luminescence (CL) may be used to characterize the reservoir sands. CL is an effective method for separating detrital and autigenic quartz phases from each other and CL analysis will therefore be an integral part of the SEM work.

The work will contribute to a better understanding of the reservoir quality found in the Realgrunnen Subgroup.

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