Seismic mapping of the Draupne Shale - a heterogeneous CO2 Storage seal

The Draupne shale forms an important sealing unit for future CCS operations in the North Sea. Meanwhile, seismic mapping has clearly shown the unit to be heterogeneous in lithology, showing variation in thickness and composition.

The student will map the Draupne shale using high-resolution 3D data, combined with regional 2D seismic lines and available well-data, in order to perform seismic facies mapping, surface attribute analysis, time-slice spectral decomposition and clinoform geometric analysis.

The aim of the thesis is to map the depositional heterogeneity and assess depositional environments and from this ascertain regional sealing capacity.

The project is done in conjecture with NCCS (the Norwegian CCS Research Centre) and in-house project InCCRS.

Student will learn

  • Use of Petrel software
  • Use of Geoteric software
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Attribute analysis and spectral decomposition
  • Seismic facies analysis
  • Clinoform analysis and interpretation
  • Academic writing and presenting
Published Aug. 31, 2022 9:42 AM - Last modified Aug. 31, 2022 9:42 AM