Tre CEED forskere tildelt priser fra European Geosciences Union

Tre forskere fra CEED er nylig tildelt priser fra European Geosciences Union (EGU). To av prisene vil bli formelt gitt prisvinnerne på EGUs 2016 general forsamling i Wien (17–22 April). Se de tre EGU-pris vinnerne her.

Tre priser:

The Arthur Holmes Medal & Honorary Membership of the EGU, form one of the three equally-ranked most prestigious awards made by the Union, and they are reserved for scientists who have achieved exceptional international standing in Solid Earth Geosciences, defined in their widest senses, for their merit and their scientific achievements.

The Arne Richter Award for Outstanding Young Scientists of the EGU recognises scientific achievements in any field of the Geosciences, made by an early career scientist.

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The Outstanding Student Poster Award of the EGU is given to improve the overall quality of poster presentations and most importantly, to foster the excitement of younger colleagues in presenting their work in form of a poster. Hans Jørgen was awarded this prize for a poster in the Tectonics and Structural Geology category entitled:

Brittle-viscous deformation of vein quartz under fluid-rich low greenschist facies conditions (Kjøll, H.J.; Viola, G.; Menegon, L.; Sørensen, B.).

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Gratulerer til alle fra Institutt for geofag!


Av Gunn Kristin Tjoflot
Publisert 28. okt. 2015 13:52 - Sist endret 9. okt. 2020 15:04