Safety representatives

Department of Geosciences has safety representatives (VO) on both tematic- and physical safety zones. On this webpage is an overview over safety representatives, term of office; 2017-18.

Leading Dept. Safety representative: Helge Hellevang

Deputy: Hans P. Verne

1. Tematic safety zone

Safety zone Safety representative
Psycosocial environment Hans Peter Verne, Senior Engineer
Educational environment Helge Hellevang, Researcher
Field work (inclusive 'mekke-room') Trond Eiken, Senior Engineer
Ergonomics and other physical work environment in the Geology building Elin H. Dyrlie, Financial Officer

2. Physical safety zone

Safety zone Safety representative
MetOs, Forskningsparken Bjørg Rognerud, Senior Engineer
Laboratories in the basement and sub-basement of the Geology building Gunborg Bye Fjeld, Principal Engineer
Laboratories in the 1. and 2. Floor of the Geology building Siri L. Simonsen, Senior Engineer          
Laboratories in the 3. floor of the Geology building Kristian Backer-Owe, Head Engineer
Laboratories at CEED (CoE-Center), ZEB-building Petter Silkoset, Head Engineer
GEO-PGP, Physics-building Olivier Galland, Researcher

The safety representatives were elected at a dept. meeting on 18.11.2016. The safety representatives have term of office from 1.1.2017 to 31.12.2018.

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