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Emneord: Kryosfære, Seismikk


  • Köhler, Andreas; Pętlicki, Michal; Lefeuvre, Pierre-Marie; Buscaino, Giuseppa; Nuth, Christopher & Weidle, Christian (2019). Contribution of calving to frontal ablation quantified from seismic and hydroacoustic observations calibrated with lidar volume measurements. The Cryosphere Discussions.  ISSN 1994-0432. . doi: 10.5194/tc-2019-75
  • Köhler, Andreas & Weidle, Christian (2019). Potentials and pitfalls of permafrost active layer monitoring using the HVSR method: A case study in Svalbard. Earth Surface Dynamics.  ISSN 2196-6311.  7(1), s 1- 16 . doi: 10.5194/esurf-7-1-2019
  • Pirli, Myrto; Hainzl, S.; Schweitzer, Johannes; Köhler, Andreas & Dahm, Torsten (2018). Localised thickening and grounding of an Antarctic ice shelf from tidal triggering and sizing of cryoseismicity. Earth and Planetary Science Letters.  ISSN 0012-821X.  503, s 78- 87 . doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2018.09.024

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  • Köhler, Andreas; Buscaino, Giuseppa; Lefeuvre, Pierre-Marie; Maupin, Valerie; Nuth, Christopher; Petlicki, Michal & Schweitzer, Johannes (2018). Seismic monitoring of glaciers and permafrost: What micro-seismicity and ambient noise can tell us about cryospheric processes in Svalbard.
  • Köhler, Andreas; Buscaino, Giuseppa; Lefeuvre, Pierre-Marie; Maupin, Valerie; Nuth, Christopher; Petlicki, Michal; Schweitzer, Johannes & Weidle, Christian (2018). Studying and quantifying glacier dynamics in Svalbard using cryoseismology.
  • Köhler, Andreas; Lefeuvre, Pierre-Marie; Nuth, Christopher; Schweitzer, Johannes; Buscaino, Giuseppa; Weidle, Christian; Kohler, Jack; Berthier, E & Petlicki, m (2018). Monitoring and quantification of frontal ablation at Kronebreen, Svalbard, using records of seismic calving signals. Geophysical Research Abstracts.  ISSN 1029-7006.
  • Lefeuvre, Pierre-Marie; Nuth, Christopher & Köhler, Andreas (2018). Analysis of calving at Kronebreen glacier, Svalbard based on remote sensing techniques.
  • Nuth, Christopher; Kohler, Jack; Köhler, Andreas; Lefeuvre, Pierre-Marie; Schuler, Thomas; Van Pelt, Ward; Schellenberger, Thomas; Kääb, Andreas; Deschamps-Berger, Cesar; Berthier, Etienne; Lauknes, Tom Rune; Strozzi, Tazio & Petlicki, Michal (2018). The different dynamic personalities of two neighboring tidewater glaciers.
  • Schweitzer, Johannes; Köhler, Andreas & Weidle, Christian (2018). Regional Seismicity observed with two temporary seismic arrays in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard.
  • Lefeuvre, Pierre-Marie; Nuth, Christopher; Köhler, Andreas; Lauknes, Tom Rune; Rouyet, Line; Petlicki, Michal; Noormets, Riko; Buscaino, Giuseppa; Kohler, Jack; How, Penelope; Papale, Elena; Grammauta, Rosario & Strozzi, Tazio (2017). Distribution and characteristic of calving events at Kronebreen.
  • Lefeuvre, Pierre-Marie; Nuth, Christopher & Köhler, Andreas (2017). CalvingSeis cocktail: combining time-lapse pictures, seismic monitoring and terrestrial radar.
  • Lefeuvre, Pierre-Marie; Nuth, Christopher & Köhler, Andreas (2017). Characterising size and frequency of calving events based on high temporal time-lapse and automatic image processing.
  • Nuth, Christopher; Köhler, Andreas; Kohler, Jack; Berthier, Etienne & Weidle, Christian (2017). Fusing seismology and remote sensing in glaciology.

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