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Magnin F., Deline P., Ravanel L., Noetzli J., et Pogliotti P. (2015) - Thermal characteristics of permafrost in the steep alpine rock walls of the Aiguille du Midi (Mont Blanc Massif, 3842 m a.s.l.). The Cryosphere 9, 109–121. doi:10.5194/tc-9-109-2015

Magnin, F., Brenning, A., Bodin, X., Deline, P., Ravanel, L., 2015b. Statistical modelling of rock wall permafrost distribution: application to the Mont Blanc massif. Géomorphologie 21 (2), 145–162.


Magnin F., Krautblatter M., Deline P., Ravanel L., Malet, E., et Bevington, A. (2015) – Determination of warm, sensitive areas and evaluation of distributed model of permafrost in vertical rock faces by electrical resistivity tomography. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface. 120, doi:10.1002/2014JF003351.

Deline, P., Gruber, S., Delaloye, R., Fischer, L., Geertsema, M., Giardino, M., Hasler, A., Kirkbride, M., Krautblatter, M., Magnin, F., McColl, S., Ravanel, L., et Schoeneich, P. (2014) - Ice Loss and Slope Stability in High-Mountain Regions. Snow and ice-related hazards, risks, and disasters, Publisher: Academic Press, 5, 521-561

Deline, P., Gardent, M., Magnin, F., et Ravanel, L. (2012) - The morphodynamics of the Mont Blanc massif in a changing cryophere: a comprehensive review. Geografiska Annaler - Series A: Physical Geography. 94: 265–283. doi: 10.1111/j.1468-0459.2012.00467.x

  • Magnin, Florence; Etzelmüller, Bernd; Westermann, Sebastian; Isaksen, Ketil; Hilger, Paula & Hermanns, Reginald (2019). Permafrost distribution in steep rock slopes in Norway: measurements, statistical modelling and implications for geomorphological processes. Earth Surface Dynamics.  ISSN 2196-6311.  7(4), s 1019- 1040 . doi: 10.5194/esurf-7-1019-2019 Fulltekst i vitenarkiv.
  • Magnin, Florence; Westermann, Sebastian; Pogliotti, Paolo; Ravanel, Ludovico; Deline, Phillip & Malet, Eric (2017). Snow control on active layer thickness in steep alpine rock walls (Aiguille du Midi, 3842 m a.s.l., Mont Blanc massif). CATENA.  ISSN 0341-8162.  149(Part 2), s 648- 662 . doi: 10.1016/j.catena.2016.06.006
  • Ravanel, L; Magnin, Florence & Deline, P (2017). Impacts of the 2003 and 2015 summer heatwaves on permafrost-affected rock-walls in the Mont Blanc massif. Science of the Total Environment.  ISSN 0048-9697.  609, s 132- 143 . doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2017.07.055

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  • Hilger, Paula; Hermanns, Reginald; Etzelmüller, Bernd; Myhra, Kristin Sæterdal; Magnin, Florence & Gosse, John C. (2018). Do deformation patterns and initial failure timing of rock-slope instabilities in Norway relate to permafrost dynamics?.
  • Hilger, Paula; Hermanns, Reginald; Gosse, John C.; Myhra, Kristin Sæterdal; Magnin, Florence & Etzelmüller, Bernd (2018). Initial failure timing of gradually moving rockslides in northern and western Norway.
  • Hilger, Paula; Hermanns, Reginald; Magnin, Florence; Myhra, Kristin Sæterdal; Etzelmüller, Bernd & Gosse, John C. (2018). Destabilisation and deformation patterns of rock-slope instabilities in northern and western Norway.
  • Hilger, Paula; Myhra, Kristin Sæterdal; Hermanns, Reginald; Magnin, Florence; Etzelmüller, Bernd & Gosse, John C. (2017). Post-glacial timing of rock-slope destabilisation.
  • Hilger, Paula; Hermanns, Reginald; Etzelmüller, Bernd & Magnin, Florence (2016). Climate factors as triggering mechanism for rock-slope failures and rockslides in Norway.
  • Hilger, Paula; Hermanns, Reginald; Etzelmüller, Bernd; Westermann, Sebastian; Krautblatter, Michael; Gosse, John C.; Magnin, Florence & Jacobs, Benjamin (2016). Evaluation of rock-slope failures in steep permafrost slopes in Norway - first insights in the geological history of the Mannen unstable rock slope in Møre og Romsdal.

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