Geoscience Master Seminar 1

To 1st semester Master students!

This is the first of a seminar series for Geoscience master students given by the Department of Geosciences and the Science Library. The series run parallel with your master studies over the course of four semesters.

Please register below before the deadline: Wednesday October 20 at 9am if you are registering for the 25th & 26th or Monday October 25 at 9am if you are registering for the 29th!


Geosciences Master Seminar 1

Geoscience Master Seminar 1

for 1st semester master students

The aims of the seminars are to:

  • develop your professional competencies
  • support you in achieving your goals with your master studies
  • inspire and support you in carrying out your research and
  • to meet your peers.

The seminars will include hands-on practices, discussions, invited lecturers, social activities, help desks and more.

Subjects such as literature search, scientific writing and research data management – just to name a few – will be part of these seminars.

Time and place:

Morning session

October 25th Monday, 10:15 – 13:00, ZEB building Aud 3


October 29th Friday, 10:15 – 13:00, Department of Geosciences 'Mellomrommet' 102

Afternoon session: 

October 26th Tuesday, 13:15 – 16:00, ZEB building Aud 3


October 29th Friday, 13:15 – 16:00, Department of Geosciences 'Mellomrommet' 102

The seminar is given twice to ensure that you can attend.

We divide the seminar day into two parts. You need to sign up for ONE morning session (ends with lunch) AND ONE afternoon session (starts with lunch). You may, for example, attend the morning seminar on the 29th, and the afternoon session on the 26st.

It is important that you sign up for the sessions you are attending since we need to order lunch.

Please, if it’s possible, bring your laptop.


Morning session:

  • Welcome and introduction to the seminar
  • Invited lecturer from the department will give us a talk on Getting the most out of your masters
  • Find, evaluate, use and cite scientific literature: the why, where and how with hands-on practices
  • Your master project
  • Lunch (provided by the Department of Geosciences)

Afternoon session:

  • Lunch (provided by the Department of Geosciences)
  • The basics of research data management: what, why and how
  • Working effectively with research data
  • The Research Data Management Plan
  • Fill out your DMP!

Please register here: Master Seminar 1 registration




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