Geoscience Master Seminar 2

Dear 2nd semester master students!

This is the second of a seminar series for Geoscience master students given by the Department of Geosciences and the Science Library. The series run parallel with your master studies over the course of four semesters.

The aims of the seminars are to i) develop your professional competences ii) support you in achieving your goals with your master studies iii) inspire and support you in carrying out your research and iv) to meet your peers.

The seminars will include hands-on practices, discussions, invited lecturers, social activities, help desks and more. Subjects such as literature search, scientific writing and research data management – just to name a few – will be part of these seminars.

Please register below before the deadline 17.05.2022.

Geoscience Master Seminar 2

Geoscience Master Seminar 2

As a master student you will be doing research and you might need help with some of the things that are expected of researchers. For instance, to do good research requires, among other things, that you can find, evaluate and time effectively read scientific articles in your field.

The next semester will be your toughest semester yet, and therefore it might pay off to plan ahead of time and prepare that you can already now.

The seminar will help you with these.


Time and place:

May 19, 2022 15:00-18:00

Department of Geosciences Kurssalen (U37)

Program (smaller changes may occur):

- Welcome

- How to read a paper -methods to help you evaluate and efficiently read scientific papers.

- Dive deep into your literature search! -but where and how? 

- Prepare for your research! -what can you do beforehand to save time, stay organized and what to be aware of ahead of time. 


During this session, we will have refreshments provided by the Department of Geosciences.

The seminar includes breaks, time for discussions and hands-on practices! 

Please, if it’s possible, bring your laptop.

Deadline for registration is the 17th of May.

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